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2XCool Sports Medicine Front Boots | Dragon Medium

2XCool Sports Medicine Front Boots | Dragon Medium
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Professional's Choice | 2XCOOL Sports Medicine Boots

Pack with 2 Front Boots

Colour: Dragon

Sizes: Small | Medium | Large

The Professional’s Choice 2XCool Sports Medicine Boot was designed around COOLING, COMFORT, and DURABILITY. This neoprene-free boot is constructed with ultra-lightweight, super-breathable materials that provide the support and 4-way stretch Professional’s Choice boots are known for. The liner of the boot is made with 2XCool performance fabric by brrr°, a technologically-advanced textile that combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking, and rapid drying to create a “Triple Chill Effect” that instantly and continuously draws away heat and moisture. A new stretch Kevlar patch on the suspensory strap flexes with every step to provide ultimate support and durability without restricting freedom of movement. The Professional’s Choice 2XCool Sports Medicine Boots featuring brrr° will keep your horse’s legs cool, dry, and protected.

In 1976 Professional’s Choice founder and president, Dal Scott, broke his leg in a horseback riding accident. To assist in a more comfortable and speedy recovery, he developed a neoprene orthopedic product. This was the start of Dricast Orthopedics, Inc. - today known as Professional's Choice.

The Philosophy:
“The more comfortable the horse the better the performance”, if your horse is not wearing the correct equipment you cannot expect it to perform at its best. All our products are designed with the horse’s safety and comfort in mind.
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