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Helite Airnest BLACK - CHILD

Helite Airnest BLACK - CHILD
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    Children represent a big part of the rider population. They fall more often, but the consequences are usually minimal. Children are very flexible, but their head and brain are much more sensible. They need a different protection than adults. Helite launched the first ever equestrian air jacket for children in 2010. This air jacket had to be redesigned in order to adapt the protection to children:
    - The airbag inflates outward instead of inward
    - The strength needed to trigger the airbag system is lowered
    - The lanyard is adapted to the child’s size
    - The airbag shape is adapted to the child’s size

    Size Height Waistline
    (with clothes on) Cartridge
    10 Years old 135 - 145 cm 75 - 85 cm 50cc
    12 Years old 140 - 155 cm 80 - 90 cm 50cc
    14 Years old 145 - 165 cm 85 - 95 cm 60cc
    Varenr.: HEK30-BK