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Myler Bits - Level 3

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Horse Level
The Myler Bitting System is a graduated system, meaning that as your horse learns and progresses through his training, you will change the way you communicate with him by re-bitting him periodically. Each Myler Bit is designed to use select pressure points for the best communication for that Level.

Horse Level 3:
Horse considered broke or finished; willing to obey commands
Relaxed at the poll
Possesses advanced skills; works well off seat, legs and hands

Bit Level 3:
Features curved mouthpiece with tongue relief
Offers a variety of pressure points to take the horse as soft as possible. Uses mostly bar pressure, rolling on the bars
May offer palate pressure depending on port height
May use curb and/or poll pressure depending on the cheek or shank design
May offer Independent Side Movement™

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